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Date:2006-11-27 23:29


And you thought! those people who set up room-fulls of dominoes to knock
over were amazing...
There are no computer graphics or digital tricks in this film.
Everything you see really happened, in real time, exactly as you see it.

The film took 606 takes. On the first 605 takes, something, usually very
minor, didn't work. They would then have to set up the whole thing
again. The crew spent weeks shooting night and day. The film cost six
million dollars and took three months to complete, including full
engineering of the sequence.

In addition, it's two minutes long, so every time Honda airs the film on
British television, they're shelling out enough dough to keep any one of
us in clover for a lifetime.

Honda executives figure the ad soon will pay for itself simply in "free
viewings" (Honda isn't paying a dime to have you watch this commercial!).
When the ad was pitched to senior executives, they signed off on it
immediately - without any hesitation - including the costs.

There are six and only six hand-made Honda Accords in the world. To the
horror of Honda engineers, the filmmakers disassembled two of them to
make the film.

Everything you see in the film (aside from the walls, floor, ramp, and
complete Honda Accord) is a part from those two cars.

The voice-over is Garrison Keillor. When the ad was shown to Honda
executives, they liked it and commented on how amazing computer graphics
had become. They fell off their chairs when they found out it was all
for real.

Oh... and about those funky windshield wipers. On the new Accords, the
windshield wipers have water sensors and are designed to start doing
their thing automatically as soon as they become wet. It looks a bit
weird in the commercial.

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Date:2006-06-11 14:54
Subject:quote of the day

10. The setting: Earlier this week, before Game 1 of the 2006 Finals
The situation: Shaq's favorite interviewer of all-time might be Dallas radio personality Corby Davidson, who always barrages O'Neal with a series of inventive -- and often politically incorrect -- questions whenever Shaq hits town. On this occasion, Davidson asks: "Let's just say that a snake bit your mom right here, right on the chest area, would you be willing to suck the venom out to win the title?"

The Shaq Smack: "No, but I would with your wife."

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Date:2005-09-18 01:38

Heading off to college as of tomorrow (Sunday). Gonna start a new chapter on my life.

Here is my new address. I'm hoping this is the right one.

University Commons
90 Commons Dr Apt. #249
Eugene, OR 97401-8908

hope all is well for everyone else in their respective colleges or in china (chris and tristan)

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Date:2005-07-22 18:13
Subject:To the best 10 days of my life
Mood: happy

"Today if a smile comes to you, a happy smile that perhaps you can't explain, it's because in that moment I am thinking of you and smiling too."

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Date:2005-06-29 21:54
Subject:The squegee ninja

So a couple days ago I had to go to the legacy hospital off grand for a drug test to work in a warehouse where i'm the only fluent english speaker. Upon leaving the hospital and approaching a stop light, a strange man literally jumps out of nowhere with two squegees in hand and begins to wash my windshield. I'm thinking to myself, "what the hell is going on? i've got this 50-something old man with long hair jumping out of the bushes to clean my winshield." i don't know if i was afraid or just plain weirded out. As he cleaned my windshield, he starting making noises such as "whosh" and "whish" and he even went "hiyahhhh" a couple times. When he finished, he swung the squegees around like numchucks and goes, "the squegee ninja is finished, wosh wosh wosh, a compensation would be greatly appreciated for the ninja's work." i gave him 76 cents and just busted out laughing. As i strolled off, i saw the squegee ninja attack another victim, as he performed one of his cleaning maneuvers on their windshield.

In other words, i'm finally back in portland. before i had to work in a telecommunications company in eugene with a friend as we commuted for three days. it was hard work but i figured that getting paid only 8 dollars for that kind of work that far wasn't worth it. therefore, i luckily got a job at the place i worked at last year and am now once again a proud member of rejuvenation. war of the worlds comes out soon so does fantastic 4, lets go see it. also, leaving next saturday for hawaii.

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Date:2005-06-15 01:25

back in town and tired

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Date:2005-06-08 02:01
Subject:My hallmate Pete
Mood: cheerful

Pete: Getting hit in the penis is the worse feeling ever. Nothing parallels the pain a man feels when someone performs the "Fist of God" on someone's penis.
Kelly: Oh yeah! How about child labor and child birth.
Pete: NO! Giving birth is like taking a piss and out comes a watermelon. When a guy gets hit in the penis, the only thing that he thinks is that whether he wants to die or he wants to puke. And if he decides to live, then he starts HATIN everyone. He doens't want anyone coming near him or talking to him. It's almost weird that when someone gets hit in the penis, he doesn't feel any pain in the penis but more in his stomach.

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Date:2005-05-24 00:27
Subject:My Roommate

In the CommonGrounds Cafe:

I'm eating with my roommate, the eugene version of meng, and my friend pete, and all of a sudden my roommate leans over and tells me he's hit a new low today. He tells me that he went to the rec center (gym) to go work out and take a shower because he ran out of shampoo and soap and he was going to shower there. Unfortunately, at the showers at the rec center, there wasn't any soap or shampoo, so he pretty much had to choose between hand sanitizer and face wash. Well, according to him, the decision was easy and he chose to "wash" himself if you can call it that, with the hand sanitizer. Apparently, he's been telling me that he's been itching all day.

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Date:2005-05-23 19:44
Subject:Greatest People
Mood: happy

So I've had one of the greatest weekends ever! Shiyuan, David Abrav, Meng, and Arya came up to visit Eugene. I had an awesome time hanging out with these people and catching up on the crazy things they've done all year. It's good to see that all of them have changed a bit, but changed for the better. It seems that each of them have become even more down to earth then they've been in the past and it seems that we've all matured for the better (personality and the activities we partake in); and I am EXTREMELY glad and thankful to have friends such as these. It was great to see Shiyuan and her bubbly self. It was kinda weird to walk in the rain to Alex Delay's house with Shiyuan and Sean, but I wouldn't have walked 25 minutes in the dark, rain soaked night with anyone else. I'm glad to see that Shiyuan loves Scripps and all of the stories she tells me makes me wish I was able to attend Scripps Sometimes. Shiyuan, we have to eat out at weird restaurants and catch up on old times. David Abrav has become even cooler than ever and his guitar skills are top notch. I've never seen a man jam on a guitar such as that. David also seems to be enjoying Wesleyan(sorry David if I mispelled it) and the stories he tells me seems like he's having a hell of a time. It sucks that I wasn't able to talk to Meng over the weekend, she seems to be out of it most of the time, but it was awesome to see her after so long. I have yet to talk to her or hang out sometime. Arya seems to be doing great and it was awesome to meet the infamous Alex Delay after hearing so much about him. I'm glad I'm lucky enough to have friends like these!


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Date:2005-05-20 17:22
Subject:My hallmate Ben

"Do you know the plot line to Debbie Does Dallas?"

My hallmate Ben

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Date:2005-03-20 12:46
Mood: cheerful

Well, I haven't been able to update much this term because I've been super busy with all kinds of stuff. Here's what's happened so far that I can remember:

- Decided to take 18 credits this term (full load in college); one of the hardest things I've had to do so far. It's been hell balancing school work with other stuff.
- Went down to Stanford to play in a frisbee tournament. That was fucking awesome! Got to see Eric and paid 5 dollars to see my drunk friends run through all of the chutes or whatever you call it in Stanford's fountain. Got to explore campus (it is a big ass campus) and got to play frisbee.
- The late night visits to Starbucks with my hallmates and having the stupidest and weirdest conversations ever. Here is a quick sample:
My roommate telling me that when he dies, he wants to be cremated, rolled up into a "fatty blunt", and wants me to smoke him.
Someone asking my friend Josephine that if she were stranded in the middle of the woods, if she could live off her boob fat because she has such big boobs.
My friend Peter telling me that he doesn't believe hot girls under the age of 35 "poops".
- PARTYING!!!!!!
- Buying "Mr. Bubbles", clogging the guy's showers, and having a bubble bath with the girls in our hall.
- Because the girls in our hall posted gay porn on the guy's floor, my friend Pete decided it would be cool to get KY jelly, lube up their doorknobs, and tie their doorknobs together so that when they open their doors, it would close someone else's.
- The various midnight runs to the local campus cafe
- Hanging out with someone special
- GOT A LETTER FROM SHIYUAN! Man, what an awesome girl!
- Got a letter with no name on it on Valentine's Day (think it might be Regina)
- Making a shit load of new friends.
- Playing fucking ultimate Frisbee
- Going to the beach, making a fort, digging holes, and just relaxin

If there's anything else, well, I'll try to add it; and try to update more next term (no guarantee).

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Date:2005-03-18 20:23


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Date:2005-03-02 16:33

For those of you who miss Portland, or who are already in Portland but miss it even more?


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Date:2005-02-10 12:14
Mood: excited

Going down to Stanford this weekend for the Stanford Invitational. It's gonna be FUCKING AWESOME!!!!! Eric, hopefully I'll get to see you down there cuz that too would be fucking awesome!


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Date:2005-02-08 19:54
Subject:Tired as Hell

For the past two days, I've gotten only 8 hours of sleep. Today, my day started at 7 in the morning and ended at 6:30. Hmmmmm........

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Date:2005-01-26 15:50

Check out this graded paper

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Date:2005-01-18 14:45

Why the hell is it 73 right now in Eugene!>!?!?@?

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Date:2005-01-12 16:36
Subject:lucious apple?

Walking back from class today, i went to my dorm to take a nap because the day was young and i was tired as hell.
As I shuffled my aching feet across the hall, I proceeded to enter my spacious dorm room. All of a sudden this mist shoots out of nowhere and burns my eyes. "Oww" I yells out in pain. But to no avail, as this mysterious mist continued it's relentless attack. Thank God I had contacts in, because with them there, it only magnified the pain. My hallmates came out, and seeing me in my distressed state, helped me out. "What just happened?" I ask, "I think I was sprayed by some kind of burning mist." "Nah," says my friend Jeff, "That's just the air freshner they installed. It's there to keep this hall smelling pretty." I did notice that I smelled a little more eloquent since the past week or so, but I don't know if it was due to the air freshner (complete BS). Jeff leans over and smells me, "Hmmm, you smell like apple Jim." "Really?" I says. Well, to find out, we pretty much broke the air freshner and took it apart to see what the "flavor" was. Dudes, not only was it an apple smelling scent, it was..........................LUCIOUS APPLE, and it had a sexy picture of apples in the front. I look at Jeff and the guys and I'm like, "What the hell is a lucious apple?" And they looked at me and told me that it was a super apple. I laughed, then went to bed.

A story for ya'lls amusement.

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Date:2005-01-04 00:03

my math teacher teaches with a puppet named "elekatrina puffin". once he took it out, i looked to the guy to my left, and he was like "what the fuck?"

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Date:2005-01-02 20:32

Back in college

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